A Year in Review (2017)

A summary of things I have accomplished, failed at, and plan to do (or try again) this year. What I planned to do in 2017 and how I did: [5/5] Playing piano for 10 minutes a day every weekday By far, the most successful project I had this year – For the first 6 months, […]

The Search for Intelligence

Can you create a generally intelligent machine? We have shared this earth with millions of living organisms and creatures and it’s amazing how we can look into the past by studying these creatures. It’s interesting to look at our organic history to understand how we developed into the curious creatures we are. Humans are very […]

Thoughts of an Engineer

Hello World, If you’re reading this you’ve found your way to one of the many playgrounds I use to keep my mind active.┬áThis blog was started to feed my curiosity and desire to learn how the world works. I’ve been involved on the internet for almost 15 years making websites, running forums and supporting online […]