[Last Updated: December 2017]

I first started dabbling on the internet when I was a nine…

For some strange reason, the teachers at my public school thought it was a good idea to take me out of French class and put me into some independent studies where I could learn about whatever I wanted. Turns out I really enjoyed working with computers and I started making websites before the age of ten. It really sparked my interest in technology, science, and learning about how things worked (except languages, those never seemed interesting till later in life).

When I was around 14 I bought this domain and started playing around with having my own website. Even after high school, when I studied Chemical Engineering, I would play around with my website when I had free time. I loved learning about how it worked, web design, graphic design and playing around with different ideas.

For a long time, it was a place to host my thoughts and photos as I started to travel more after graduation. I’ve been working in manufacturing since 2013 and I’ve been lucky enough to have some fantastic mentors who’ve helped me to realize the importance of reading, continuous development, and community involvement.

This site is where I host my thoughts, projects, and photography all geared towards my own development and support for the communities I’m passionate about.

I hope you enjoy your stay!